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Public Auditing For Secure Cloud Storage †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Talk About The Public Auditing For Secure Cloud Storage? Answer: Presentation: The bookkeeping from Miller Yates and Howarth is answerable for getting ready adit plan of GPSA. GPSA is one of the long standing and critical customer of bookkeeping firm that is occupied with innovative work of clinical types of gear, securing of property and assembling and dispersion of clinical hardware. Inspectors are worried about explicit zones and they are putting extraordinary re4laonce on inside control arrangement of business. The inner control framework would be surveyed and they have been seeking after new inward control manual (Eilifsen et al., 2013). Broad work looked by association would be decreased by putting dependence on inside control. Conversation: The five kinds of records where examiners have communicated their anxiety are ebb and flow speculation, debt claim, property venture, innovative work capitalization and elusive resources. It is seen by them that these records would present dangers while completing review (Brusca et al., 2016). Investigation New inward control manual has gotten changes the arrangement of exchange receivable record, as the exchange receivable assistant is liable for taking care of the considerable number of exchanges identifying with deals. All passages made in the PC framework would be made by him and he would be liable for compromise of indebted person account into general record (Hayes et al., 2013). A portion of the ebb and flow speculation is made in innovative work exercises identifying with advancement of new laser medical procedure gadget. For financing of such ventures, GPSA has obtained a credit of sum $ 5 million from banks. In any case, association is required to keep up obligation value proportion and d 1.2:1 and an expansion in proportion would cause them to reimburse the measure of advance acquired. Moreover, venture made in property advertise, their arrival is likewise unsure on account of decay, and they are helpless about the speculation. Review chance While leading review, inspectors faces a few dangers related with accounts that is viewed as one of the important piece of directing review. Execution chance examination would help inspectors in organizing, recognizing and assessing dangers while the board all things considered. At the point when representative records taking a gander at exchange receivable record, estimations of information identifying with exchanges and it is sure that there is plausibility of controlling information or leading certain blunders. Deals executive is engaged with taking a gander at data innovation work that isn't considered as all day work by the executives. There is absence of obligations isolation that may force potential dangers on completing review. Because of decrease in property showcase, venture made in such zones may prompt expanding the estimation of their speculations (Beasley, 2015). Steps taken for lessening GPSA review hazard: Review plan ought to be directed by agreeing to the necessities of International norms. A portion of the means that would help in diminishing review dangers are as per the following: The executives and a few revealing authority inside association ought to be coordinated with investigation and perception process. Recognizable proof and evaluating dangers related with typical course of exchange and record receivable. Performing systematic methods for perceiving likely connection between a few records. Device of proportion examination can be utilized for assessing the business hazard and reviewers would have the option to acquire critical review proof by dissecting proportions more than a multi year. Proportions have been determined for examining the proficiency, gainfulness, liquidity and dissolvability position of association. Proportion 2017 (Unaudited) 2016 (Audited) 2015 (Audited) Profit for value % 7.19 18.61 22.17 Profit for complete resources % 4.86 13.7 15.52 Net edge % 31.76 30.00 24.94 Net benefit margin% 10.38 20.27 17.85 Times premium earned 1.90 3.51 4.10 Days in stock 166.53 127.89 115.85 Days in records of sales 83.07 60.65 53.24 Current proportion : 1 1.80 1.54 1.66 Snappy resource proportion : 1 0.89 0.78 0.82 Obligation to value proportion : 1 1.11 1.02 1.04 Obligation to value proportion has expanded extensively expanded in year 2017 to 1.11 when contrasted with 1.02 and 1.04 in year 2016 and 2015 individually. Profit for value has declined essentially to 7.19 in year 2017 as against 18.61 and 22.17 in year 2016 and 2015. This delineates productivity of association has diminished in creating come back to investors and they are progressively relying upon advances for financing their capital necessities. Days in stock and days in money due has expanded impressively for back to back years. This is demonstrative of the reality inventories are talking time to be changed over into deals and records receivable are being gathered as often as possible (Louwers et al., 2016). Current proportion has likewise expanded to 1.80 in year 2017 contrasted with 1.54 in year 2015 demonstrating improved liquidity position of GPSA. Inner control arrangement of GPSA is intended to the point that helps in acquiring sensible affirmation for accomplishing the goal of business, improving the money related revealing unwavering quality and making tasks effective. Powerful control- It is required by GPSA to refine the inward control framework as they have not been change for a considerable length of time and no interior review work exists. Information with respect to the few business exchanges ought to be recorded and reported. After the manual conveyance of items has been done, it is the duty of dispatch division to raise the requests for deals. Legitimate methods are embraced for follow up of methodology of exchange receivables (Louwers et al., 2016). Some pertinent viewpoints look at methodology of interior control arrangement of association are finished by examiners. Hazard lightened Embracing the successful inward control framework will help in mitigating the dangers related with a few records. Follow receivable records are presented to a few dangers of information control and ill-advised chronicle and compromise of records. While getting ready indebted individuals rundown and deals orders, there is a high possibility that some mistake can emerge while recording. In the event that GPSA has such inward control framework that are appropriately intended for managing such errands, hazard emerging from account the executives would be decreased. Coordination among a few divisions, for example, tasks, money and deals office would be upgraded by actualizing viable arrangement of inner control (William et al., 2016). Trial of control- Approval So as to make arrangement of inside control powerful, appropriate authority should control activities office. This will empower reviewers to get a handle on legitimate, fitting and solid data from divisions. Authoritative control For the exchange receivable record and deals framework, composed techniques for bookkeeping should be embraced by representatives. Isolation of obligations Distinctive staff individuals ought to be engaged with taking care of the data innovation capacities and deals office. Also, two separate representatives ought to do deals solicitations and recording of information. Posting of solicitations and client receivable two unique individuals from deals group ought to do accounts support (Stojanovic Andric, 2016). Physical control Solicitations are made by utilizing the PC framework that includes manual account of information. in such manner, satisfactory control ought to be practiced over such framework. Bookkeeping and math Appropriate chronicle of bookkeeping exchanges ought to be finished by joining se of numbers. This is finished by numbering the solicitations created and brief account the equivalent. Recognizable proof of interior control shortcoming of GPSA with respect to exchange receivables and deals framework are as per the following: GPSA needs inside control work that prompts emerging of shortcoming by accounts office in recording exchanges of deals. This prompts arsing of plausibility of off base and inappropriate account of subtleties deals exchanges. Directed month to month volume of deals and deviation or variety in the overhead of departmental spending structures the premise of rewards got by deals staff the board and deals group. In case of any non-finished exchanges and not meeting the ideal objective, dangers of not making reward installment would emerge (Cannon Bedard, 2016). So as to encourage the inner control check, computation of reward sum ought to be isolated from deals made by deals office. Exchange receivable agent is answerable for recording all the parts of exchange receivable records and receipt age. He ought not be necessary for overseeing and recording of every single such exchange. It is additionally capable to upgrade the volume of deals. This may prompt advancing of contention with the augmentation of deals volume and dangers minimization. End: GPSA means to make new inward control manual for encouraging the inner control framework, as it needs to deal with the enhanced scope of exercises. It tends to be seen from the above investigation of a few parts of the framework; there exist a few dangers that should be assessed by inspectors for arranging review. The new inside control framework would help in mitigating a few dangers that may emerge while overseeing accounts. In any case, shortcoming have likewise been recognized in the framework that can be overseen by making the interior control compelling. Evaluators would embrace trial of control for managing the distinguished review dangers inferable from dealing with the particular records talked about. References: Arens, A. An., Elder, R. J., Beasley, M. S., Hogan, C. E. (2016). Inspecting and affirmation administrations. Pearson. Beasley, M. S. (2015). Reviewing cases: An intuitive learning approach. Prentice

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A review of financial reporting from a range of construction industry sectors

Yearly reports have changed significantly between mid 1970s and today. The general measure of data given has expanded impressively, and this is similarly valid for the budget reports and the conversation segment of the yearly report.New fiscal reports have risen with the assets stream/income proclamation or all the more as of late the announcement of all out perceived increases and misfortunes, and existing explanations presently offer a more noteworthy degree of dis-aggregation.â€Å"In expansion to the essential fiscal summaries financiers hope to discover timetables of agreements in progress and finished agreements and a compromise of the pay and the expenses of these agreements to the present year's salary statement.Certain monetary record accounts are remarkable to the development industry†costs in overabundance of billings on uncompleted agreements (an advantage) or billings in abundance of costs (a risk). Utilizing the level of fulfillment technique costs in abundance of charging result when the billings on uncompleted agreements are not exactly the pay earned to date.These under billings bring about expanded resources. Then again, where billings are more noteworthy than the salary earned on uncompleted agreements, a risk, billings in overabundance of costs results. Many holding organizations demand other explicit data as strengthening information. A convenient and point by point reaction can give numerous responses to holding specialist's inquiries and improve the probability of a positive response to a solicitation for bonding.The nonappearance of the proper and adequate data in the fiscal reports will offer ascent to doubt and, at any rate, extra inquiries from the survey.As an outcome the TABULAR DATA OMITTED holding operator will be genuinely repressed in their endeavor to persuade the protection bearer that the prize exceeds the danger of giving execution securities to the contractor.† (Dufek, 1992)2-2-Shareholders Users of yearly repor ts are numerous and shifted, yet it is commonly concurred that financial specialists structure one of the biggest and most significant gatherings of potential clients (Day, 1986). It is commonly perceived that data contained in organization monetary reports ought to be helpful to investors in their venture activities.Yet if yearly reports are to prevail with regards to being an essential methods for correspondence between the business undertaking and its investors, they should contain unveiled data that investors need so as to take their speculation choice (Lee and Tweedie, 1975).2-3-Disclosure of hazard As characterized by the ASB (1998) chance is â€Å"Uncertainty as to measure of advantages. The term incorporates both potential for addition and presentation to loss.† Risk subsequently is fundamental to a venture, since it is innate in the quest for chances to gain return for its owners.It follows that so as to see appropriately the potential for the future execution of any organization; financial specialists need a legitimate comprehension of the dangers it embraces. This will be founded on the accompanying data

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Help Writing College Research Papers - Writing, Researching and Profiting

Help Writing College Research Papers - Writing, Researching and ProfitingThere are many different ways to help write college research papers, and all of them have to be implemented correctly in order to be effective. For example, if you want to find out about the connection between vitamin C and preventing cataracts then you have to do an experiment. You can't just ask your friends and relatives for their opinion because you may not get very good results.Instead, you will need to find a way to actually conduct the actual experiment. This is why it is so important to learn about all the different ways to help write college research papers. In fact, it will help if you read articles from different websites on the subject. There are lots of different resources available online that can help you learn how to help write college research papers.One way to help with this is to find out which resources are the most reputable. The last thing you want to do is write a paper based entirely on i nformation that you got from a site that does not provide you with any useful information. That can result in you having a completely useless paper and you certainly don't want that to happen.Another way to help with the process of helping to write college research papers is to understand what sort of research you are actually going to be doing. You don't want to start writing a paper on something that you have never done before. The reason for this is that you will end up having a very difficult time doing any sort of proper research.The first thing you need to know when it comes to helping to write college research papers is that they should contain a logical order. That means that you should have the background information first and then you should start to describe your hypothesis in a logical way. Don't try to rush through your research and you will find that it will be much easier to accomplish this task.The next thing that you need to know about writing college research paper s is that you should always keep things as simple as possible. A lot of people get hung up on the details and end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure out something. By writing down what you know about a topic you will be able to put that information into words.Always remember that the most important thing about writing original research is to keep it as simple as possible. If you try to create something complex that has already been done, it is going to be very difficult to write a paper that is going to stand out from the rest. When you simplify things you are making the whole process much easier and you will be able to find more success when it comes to helping to write college research papers.There are many different ways to help write college research papers and you can always use each method in different situations. You have to find a way to work each method into your style and you will find that it is much easier to help you write a good research paper when you have the right resources available to you. It is much easier to find something that you can apply to your research when you can find a number of different sources to help you with the process.

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Planning Leisure Activities for Disadvantaged Groups Essay

When planning leisure activities for disadvantaged groups it is essential to consider both the sociological and psychological factors that may influence participation. A short stay excursion to a Melbourne Cup race can be used to highlight the complexities involved in providing equitable leisure opportunities that combat both low social class and disability. As this excursion will highlight, despite the psychological benefits of leisure, young people with a disability face multiple sociological barriers to leisure choices and participation. When looking at leisure from a sociological perspective it is apparent that poverty restricts involvement in leisure choice and participation, which goes beyond the impacts of disability alone. The high†¦show more content†¦187), and new skills acquired (Sletten, 2010, p. 310). For young people with a disability leisure activities take on added meaning. Participating in the Melbourne Cup stay offered a chance to share in community life, develop a meaningful social role, and acquire new skills to push the boundaries of their personal limitations (Patterson Pegg, 2009, p. 387). Socialising with peers helped the group share common interests with non-disabled youth and break down negative attitudes and social stigma towards disability (Patterson Pegg, 2009, p. 392). This in turn nurtured a sense of normalcy and contributed to social acceptance and belonging (Lundberg, Taniguchi, McCormick, Tibbs, 2011, pp. 207, 212, 213). From a psychological perspective the Melbourne Cup stay served an important role in the development of self-identity and personal empowerment. Optional to attend, the stay was the result of personal choice and provided an opportunity to exercise self-determination and enhance positive self-image (Brown Brown, 2009, pp. 11, 12). The stay supported psychological health where restricted opportunities for personal growth otherwise exist (Patterson Pegg, 2009, pp. 388, 392), and through positive social interactions with peers the thoughts,Show MoreRelatedDtlls Unit 3 Delivering Lifelong Learning – Level 3 Essay1538 Words   |  7 Pageslearning is as Wilson (2009) states is â€Å"about creating interesting, varied and inspiring learning opportunities for all learners; ensuring all learners contribute and are never disadvantaged by methods, language or resources† This is a comprehensive statement and I fully appreciate the fact that learners â€Å"are never disadvantaged by methods, language or resources†. The ICT industry is one such area where as experience as shown that all facets (methods, language and resources) have to be clearly explainedRead MoreThe Effects Of Trauma On Substance Use And Using A Feminist Lens Explored1739 Words   |  7 Pagesinterventions applied a strength-based and trauma informed lens as consistent with best practice. It was my aim to use â€Å"cooperation and mutual support †¦ so that oppressed and disadvantaged people can gain power over their lives† (Payne, 2014, p. 11). Christine was disadvantaged because of her geographic location and disadvantaged by her sex, her education and her socio-economic level. Payne (2014) calls this an â€Å"emancipatory approach† to social work. According to Payne (2014), an empowerment view ofRead MorePoverty And Poverty1559 Words   |  7 Pageseducated and less skilled members of the society (Nation and Heflinger 422). People who lack proper education and skills often tend to be poor and may take drugs as a solution to their problems, but when governments raise the minimum wage for such group of individuals, they will eventually have more disposable income to spend. Much emphasis should be put on raising the minimum wage to the level of the living wage as an approach to reduce poverty and encouraging neighborhoods to shun drugs. Hence,Read MoreThe Foundation Phase Of Non Maintained Sectors2016 Words   |  9 Pagesto play, leisure, sporting and cultural activities† and that no child is â€Å"disadvantaged by any type of poverty.† DCELLS (2008 a) . It creates a holistic curriculum and is cross-curricular so all subjects link together. It is also supposed to help children to engage in practical activities to help them with knowledge and understanding of the World. The Framework for Children’s Learning for 3 to 7-year olds in Wales (The Framework). â€Å"Children learn through first-hand experiential activities with theRead MoreMarketing of Virgin Atlantic2129 Words   |  9 PagesRyanair and Easyjet) are entering the market and taking market share. Because of these new entrants being able to offer much lower prices for travel, established carriers such as Virgin experience a constraint on profitability and are therefore disadvantaged (Dayao, et al., 2009). It is because of this reason that Virgin are now changing their market strategy and concentrating on defining themselves from their competitors by focussing on innovation and improving customer service. Global airline alliancesRead MoreA Brief Note On Gender And Climate Change3247 Words   |  13 Pagesfor men and women. It also shows what is allowed from a man and woman, and these roles and relations increase the rise of ge nder differences. This is to ensure that women and men can equally influence, benefit and participate from development and activities on the ground. In 2008, Gender and Climate Change is featured as one of the critical emerging issues for women especially across the globe according to the United Nations Commission. Climate change causes widespread food and water insecurity, negativeRead More4.3. Global Consumer Tourism and Hospitality Trends The effects of the global calamity may not2100 Words   |  9 Pagesthe highest number of visitor arrivals in 2011 were from Australia. However, the highest number of divers in 2011 was from the Europe continent. The lowest number of tourists who visited Fiji was from Canada (3%) and no one participated in diving activities from Japan. Economic benefits to the villagers from diving The above table shows the income generated through shark diving into Fiji. The shark-diving business in Fiji made a minimum of US $4 million to local people annually. These financialRead MoreStrategic Hr in Samsung5902 Words   |  24 Pagesthe workplace, for examples beliefs, norms and values.† (Bratton and Gold, 2003, p. 4) In the first part of this paper, I will discusses strategic human resource management (SHRM) and its practice in the one of the world’s biggest company Samsung group. And evaluate how Samsung is practicing human resource management. In the second part of the paper discuses HR functions and various models and how Samsung adopt vertical and horizontal integration in their human resource department and then giveRead MoreWilderness Areas are Under Threat Essay2526 Words   |  11 Pagesto a rich and diverse array of cultures spread across the globe. Indigenous peoples are defined as the descendents of those people who inhabited an area before it was colonised by Europeans, or before a modern state was established there. Where groups of indigenous peoples have survived it is often because they live in extreme geographic and climatic conditions – very wet or cold, extremely hot or dry. They are places where colonisers have not wished to settle, and which are so remote and inaccessibleRead MoreMarket Segmentation in Hospitality Research6132 Words   |  25 Pagesin this process is market segmentation, dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers who might require separate products and/or marketing mixes. The company identiï ¬ es different ways to segment the market and develops proï ¬ les of the resulting market segments. One of the most frequently used methods for segmenting a market has been demographic segmentation. Demographic segmentation consists of dividing the market into groups based on demographic variables such as age, gender, family life cycle,

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Possible Tattoos Essay examples - 646 Words

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: I would like to inform the class about the history, development and effect of tattoos on society. As well as†¦ THESIS STATEMENT: Understanding the tattoo’s origin, purpose and safety measures that will help students make an informed and healthy decision about their own possible tattoos. INTODUCTION I. ATTENTION GETTER: Catherine Grognard once said, â€Å"The tattoo[ed body] is a unique object- a naà ¯ve and provocative moving fresco.† Take a moment to consider what it means to you, to have the opportunity to be living art, to be living art permanently. Would you jump at chance or run away. II. NEED: In 2002 one in every eight Americans had a tattoo. According to†¦show more content†¦E. English Navy = English culture incorporates tattoos into culture. (TANSITION: Now that you’re more familiar with the tattoo’s historical context, let’s continue to my second point: Reasons why people get tattoos) II. Reasons A. Decorate the body B. Eroticism C. Demonstrate socially valued characteristics; endure pain showing courage and achievement of adulthood D. Religious, the desire for talismanic protection E. Establish Identity, tattoos equal self-definition 1. Ways to express identity a. Tattoo makes connection with a group of related people or category. I. Servicemen who wear insignia II. Gang members with matching tattoos b. Tattoo that implies a relationship with an individual I. Mother II. Lover III. Friend IV. Celebrity c. Self-description d. Unique characteristics (TRANSITION: We just discussed people’s reasons for getting a tattoo now I’ll share my 3rd and final point: How to safely get a tattoo.) III. Tips according to Karen Hudson’s Safety Check List A. Getting the Tattoo 1. Ask to see autoclave(Pressure cooker that cleans all instruments) and sterilization certificate. 2. Artist should be wearing gloves 3. Ask artist about experience 5. New sterileShow MoreRelatedChanging The Perception Of Tattoos Essay1171 Words   |  5 Pages Why do people perceive tattoos as being dangerous, dirty, and generally belonging to a class of â€Å"undesirables?† It could be because people cannot live in a world without narration and stories. Since the dawn of mankind stories have been developed both through natural happenings and casual relations, as well as constructed through characters, themes, language and the meaning of words. The story of tattoos as well as countless others are narratives that have been developed and passed down throughRead MoreWhat Does Morality Have On Do With Tattoos?1695 Words   |  7 PagesWhat Does Morality Have To Do With Tattoos? Coca Cola (2015) did an experiment/ advertisement called, Remove labels this Ramadan, where six people sat in a pitch-black room and engaged in conversation. They each went around the table and described something unique about themselves. One man said he is in a heavy-metal band, the group then depicted what they envisioned him to look like, describing him to have long hair and possible piercings. Another man said he enjoyed reading and studying, particularlyRead MoreA Documentary On Tattoos And How They Affect Human Relationships And Interactions971 Words   |  4 PagesI conducted a survey and three interviews to create a documentary on tattoos and how they affect human relationships and interactions. This paper is an analysis of what it takes to make a documentary. Documentary originates from the word document which means a film or article that records factual information. Documentary means to present facts objectively without editing and adding fictional information (Stott 6). S ome of the first documents are from Benjamin Glassberg in 1938 and Saunders ReddingRead MoreIdaho Minor Body Art Regulations Essay1528 Words   |  7 Pagesfor anyone under the age of eighteen (Idaho Code 18-1523. (2004). It is explained throughout the bill, of how no one under the age of fourteen may acquire any form of tattooing, branding, or body piercing; as well, that no person should knowingly tattoo, brand or perform body piercings on a minor between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years unless the person obtains previous written informed consent of the minors parent or legal guardian (Idaho Code 18-1523. (2004). The policy allows guardiansRead MoreComparative Analysis of the Theories and Methods Used in Inked into Crime? and Nonmainstream Body Modification1504 Words   |  7 Pagesthe Casual Relationships between Tattoos and Life-Course-Offending among males from the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development† (Jennings, Hahn, Farrington 2014) and â€Å"Nonmainstre am Body Modification: Genital Piercing, Branding, Burning, and Cutting† (Myers 1992). Jennings, Hahn, and Farrington’s article investigates the correlation between tattoos and deviant behavior. In addition, the researches ultimately want to discover if the relationship between tattoos and crime may in fact be casual, orRead MoreTattoos And The Tattoo Renaissance1554 Words   |  7 PagesWhen studying the history of tattoos, pinpointing the first time a tattoo was seen was almost impossible to do until 1991. An Iceman, named Otzi, was found by German hikers in 1991. Otzi was found covered with at least 57 tattoos (Huffington Post). This is to show that tattoos have been around for more than fifty-three hundred years. Otzi’s tattoos were discovered to be therapeutic and they consisted of lines and crosses all over the body. The next oldest tattoos were found on the Chinchorro mummyRead MoreTattoos Should Be Allowed in the Workplace Essay1507 Words   |  7 Pages having a tattoo could ruin every hope one has of getting the job. One may ask, â€Å"why does having a tattoo ruin ones chance of getting a job?† A tattoo would ruin one’s chances at getting a job simply because it is wrongly viewed as unprofessional. Starting off as juices and markings, tattoos were nothing more than ways of identification and personalization. Rubbing juices extracted from plants onto your face and arms is the most notable to people. Also using bone needles and pigments to tattoo in aRead MoreThe Overlooked Art : Tattoos A Social Issue1931 Words   |  8 Pages The Overlooked Art: Tattoos a Social Issue When you think of social issues there are many that come to mind ,but there is one that though it effects many is overlooked. That issue is the acceptance of tattoos into our main stream culture. Tattoos actually have a very long history in our culture but in the past, was concentrated in small out of the way pockets of society like the military and criminals. This has slowly started to change and tattoos have started to make their way into the commonplaceRead More Body Modification in America Essay710 Words   |  3 Pagesdifferent levels of high-risk behavior. There are many reasons for individuals to acquire body modifications. One possible reason for body modifications is to gain attention through displays of extravagance such as those that are found in people with histrionic disorder (Durand amp; Barlow, 2000). A study by Burger amp; Finkel (2002) investigated reasons why people adorn their bodies with tattoos and body piercing. They also researched unmodified participants’ perceptions of body art. When the researchersRead MoreComparative analysis Essay1632 Words   |  7 PagesRenegade Image to Thrive In The Mainstream†. Traditionally, tattoos were meant for sailors, soldiers, bikers and gangs. Along with several changes in the industrialized and technological society of the twenty-first century, the standard for getting body modifications have altered as well. Everyday, people are willing to get permanently marked as an individual choice rather than the customarily perception of belonging to a certain group. Tattoo and piercing shops are not seen as â€Å"the backstreet† of the

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Agriculture Is The Basis Of The World’S Food Supply. In

Agriculture is the basis of the world’s food supply. In some areas of the world challenges presented by geography, climate, economic instability and government regulations cause agriculture to fall short of the needs of the population. Today hunger affects people throughout the world, and aid and relief programs are not meeting the entirety of demonstrated need. Localized agricultural standard worldwide are the key to a sustainable and geopolitical solution to world hunger. Undernutrition as a result of hunger causes a deficiency of key nutrients which leads to severe health complications. The World Health Organization (WHO) classified vitamin A deficiency as a health problem for one third of children of ages up to 5 years old in 2013,†¦show more content†¦Recently, financial and economic crises have pushed more people into hunger.† Government policies, even those not concerning hunger issues, are leading to increased problems in agricultural production. The effects of the policies often have monetary implications, which leads to the inability to obtain food, and are not always directly related to farming. Since agriculture is the main local combatant of hunger these policies are extremely harmful to the local populations. In The State of Food Insecurity in the World by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, provided a case study on Ghana which states: â€Å"Ghana’s currency lost about 30 percent of its value†¦ means higher import costs for food, fuel and fertilizers, as well as higher debt repayments...Household purchasing power has been reduced as a result of lower prices for selected cash crops, declining remittances and rising inflation, including of food prices.† Financial depressions severely affects any person s ability to obtain food. In countries where agriculture is difficult and on the decline already, new measures need to be taken. Agricultural challenges in certain regions (especially Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and Asia) correlate with poverty and hunger rates . In the How to Feed the World publication, The special challenge for sub-Saharan Africa, itShow MoreRelatedThomas Hardin And Julian L. Simon s The Tragedy Of The Commons935 Words   |  4 Pagesrapid increase in the world’s population. Many viewpoints on this debate exist, and two views in particular contradict each other. These viewpoints include those of Garret Hardin and Julian L. Simon. Hardin’s view is expressed in â€Å"The Tragedy of the Commons,† and Simon’s in â€Å"More People, Greater Wealth, More Resources, Healthier Environment.† These debate problems and solutions of the growing population, including the use of natural resources in order to supply the world’s growing population. Read MoreHunger in Haiti1435 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Haiti is a small Caribbean country with serious hunger problem for many years. Even in 1980s, Haiti had advanced agriculture and hunger problem was far from this country. However, the local wars and conflicts happened in 1990s changed this. Agriculture was disturbed and hunger problem became more and more serious. It has been the key problem of Haitian development so Haitian government and international society have taken lots of measures to improve this situation. The major internationalRead MoreThe world’s population is increasing at a rapid rate. According to Worldometers, by 2050 there will1400 Words   |  6 PagesThe world’s population is increasing at a rapid rate. According to Worldometers, by 2050 there will be a need to feed 9.2 billion people globally ( This translates to an increase in global food production by 70 percent to meet the global goal ( sue/1/8/). However, current food production methods are not sustainable and the amount of arable lands is decreasing. The agriculture industry experiencesRead MoreWhy Canada Should Not Extract Water859 Words   |  4 Pagesseas, lakes, rivers, rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms. Water is located all around Canada as it takes up about nine percent of Canada. Canada has about 20 percent of the world’s fresh water however only 7 percent of that is renewable as most is trapped in underground aquifers and glaciers. Canada has about twenty percent of the world’s fresh water resources. Everyone uses water, as it is a basic need to live. Water is also used for agriculture and industrial purposes. Water shouldRead MoreA Book Report on Tom Standages an Edible History of Humanity1138 Words   |  5 PagesWalker and Company, 2010, Print. In the text, An Edible History of Humanity, Tom Standage provides his take on how the past was so deeply affected by food throughout the generations. The book approaches history in a different way altogether: as a sequence of changes caused, influenced or enabled by food. Standage explains that throughout history, food has not only provided sustenance but has also acted as the catalyst of societal organization, social change, economic expansion, military conflict,Read MoreAgriculture And The Industrial Revolution Of The Late 1700s1667 Words   |  7 PagesAs the Earth’s population grows at breakneck pace over the next several decades, who will feed the world’s people? Agriculture has undergone an extensive expansion and transformation throughout the last few centuries, beginning with the Industrial Revolution of the late 1700s. New technology allowed for better and greater methods of production. With the development of modern technology, people try to think some way c an plant less, get more. Many farmers plant only one crop in the same place yearRead MoreGlobal Environmental Environment1118 Words   |  5 Pagesimproving global food security and the environment† by West et. al. presents various actions that can help guide governments and multi level organizations in the quest to feed a growing population in a changing global climate. The paper focuses on four main strategies: improving yields and efficiency on existing croplands, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water quality degradation, and water use in agriculture, switching animal feed crop production to human-edible crops, and reducing food waste. TheRead MoreModernization Theory : A Global Food Insecurity1304 Words   |  6 Pagesglobal food insecurity cataclysm by 2050 if the way we produce and distribute food is not changed. According to the World Bank (2013) and the FAO (2012) â€Å" The future needs an agricultural system that produces about 50% more food to feed the w orld’s 9 billion people by 2050†. Scholars differ in their views, but the World Bank has adopted the approach prescribed by Modernization theory (sociologists Max Weber, Herbert Spencer, Émile Durkheim, and Talcott Parsons). Modernization theory, the basis for theRead MoreFood Waste Essay1361 Words   |  6 PagesThere is no clear description regarding food waste in a universal matter either historically or presently, making it perplexing in definition and comparison. What is clear is that food waste continues to grow at a rapid pace with the expansion of a world population experiencing societal and agricultural developments in an era where land and other resources are becoming more limited. The increase in waste and category of foods which people throw away has transformed with time through the advancementRead MoreThe Issues Of Human Population Growth1045 Words   |  5 PagesThe Issues of Human Population Growth Introduction Thesis: The topic of human population growth is an important issue due to its impacts upon people in developing countries, economics, religion, food production, and the environment; without any limitations, population growth can lead to negative consequences, such as famine and environmental destruction, or even positive outcomes, such as potential economic growth. Body Paragraph 1: Developing Countries (Negative) Population growth has been running

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Analyze The Supply Chain Channels Of Uncle Brian’s Tourism Company

Question: Discuss about the Analyze The Supply Chain Channels Of Uncle Brians Tourism Company. Answer: Introduction The main aim of the following report is to analyze the supply chain channels, global logistics and other different strategic management elements of Uncle Brians tourism company. The researcher has started the project with a brief overview of the company and has proceeded with the discussion of the mentioned strategic elements of the company. Overview Uncle Brians is a tourism company based in Queensland of the country Australia. Headquartered in 40a Hannam Street, Cairns, Queensland 4870, Australia the company has a wide reputation both nationally and internationally to conduct rainforest tours ( The tourism company operates tours both to Atherton Tablelands and Cape Tribulation. The most spectacular tour being the Fun Falls and Forest which is a spectacular journey along Arthelon Table land situated in North Queensland. The company operates a special bus known as the Gus, the wonder bus. The bus takes the tourists through stunning scenarios, a lush green rainforest and to exquisite and beautiful backgrounds. The rainforest tour is one of the most famous amongst the foreign individuals as well as the national citizens of the country. The mentioned company is one of the most well reputed tourism companies not only in Queensland but also across the island nation. The reputation of the company has been earned thr ough its well established network and its capability to provide the best possible services to the tourists. Their services start once a tourist books them online. The mentioned company of this report updates all the details of the areas that are to be visited by them and increases an appetite within them to visit the site. The tourists are accompanied by the agents of the company from the airport to the hotel and are provided with all the brochures and necessary details regarding the company and the rainforest tour. On the day of the tour the tourists are picked up from the hotel itse4lf and are taken for the tour. As mentioned earlier the tourists are taken in a special bus to the scenic places of Queensland and finally to the Fun Falls where the people are allowed to bath and have fun. Some of the other interesting places in this part of Queensland include the famous Babinda Boulders which is the famous rainforest of this region, Josephine Falls which is one of the most beautiful falls having the most exclusive swimming hole in Australia, A tea house where the guests are served tea and snacks and other food and beverages, Milla Milla Falls and last but not the least in any ways is the magnificent Lake Eacham which is a volcanic crater lake about a depth of 60 meters (Monczka et al. 2015). Supply chain/logistics management from the source to the customer Tourism is one of the major sources of foreign exchange earners and serves as one of the major economic contributors of any country (Slack, 2015). Tourism is said to be a multi layered industry where the products offered to the consumers are consumed in a very short span of time. The following industry can also be said to be very price sensitive and has a high level of intangibility. Like the other supply chains of the industry tourism also operates in business to business relationships and the supply chain management can be easily applied to deliver sustainability performance improvements alongside a clear financial performance by effectively working out to bring a positive change in the business operations of each and every supplier (Ahi Searcy, 2013). Every business organization has a product to offer for the customer. This provides almost every company with a proper supply chain. The supply chain has an impact on almost every other business function. Supply chain management is the management of almost every single element of the business that consists of information, money and time. The mentioned tourism company in Australia has a clear Supply Chain Logistics Management (Hill, Jones Schilling, 2014). The main aim of the supply chain management is to remove any forms of waste that may occur in the chain and improve the customer service provided to the tourists. The management of Uncle Brians ensures that no such wastes disrupt the smooth flow of the resources. The improved customer service is done by means of interlinked processes that are meant for preferred suppliers and to make sure that there is a bigger turnover (Stadtler, 2015). Reduction of product life cycles, increase in the competition, increase in the competitions have been the major forces that prompted the mentioned company to move away from physical logistics management to more technologically advanced supply chain management. Tourism supply chain of the mentioned company includes a number of different components like bars, restaurants, waste disposal, tea house, bus, fuel suppliers, water costume suppliers, water safety instruments and many others as such ( Uncle Brians takes the tourists to bars and restaurants at the evening to refresh them and help them enjoy the tour (Peppard Ward, 2016). As mentioned earlier the company has a dedicated tea house in the core area of the rainforest which provides the tourists with a variety of food in the midst of the natural environment of the forest. The food is supplied by a eatery house which has a strategic tie up with Uncle Brians. Some of the foods are made by the chefs that are employed by the company itself (Pagell Shevchenko, 2014). The disposal of waste is an area of concern as the leftovers of the food and other items cannot be thrown in the forest and adjacent areas. The company has dedicated waste baskets which are cleared every d ay by the local forest department of the company. Next comes the fuel suppliers of the bus that the tourism company operates to ferry the tourists across the forests and the coastal areas of Queensland. The management of the company has a 6 month tie up with Caltex that is the main supplier of crude oil and fuel for the buses of the company. The company arranges special bath sessions for the tourists who can have a refreshing bath. The swimming costumes and the safety instruments are supplied by a local company which is owned by Uncle Brians. Thus the advanced supplier chain helps the company to conduct successful adventure tours in and around Queensland (Wheelen Hunger, 2017). Linkage between the company Activities and Theories Logistics and Supply Chain Management has a number of different definitions. Some researchers considers Supply chain as a much broader concept as because it consists of the concepts that encompasses logistics, while others understand logistics as comprising Supply Chain Management (Morschett, Schramm-Klein Zentes, 2015). There are lots of theories and activities as well as components involved in the conduction of smooth work by the mentioned company in this research. Thus Supply Chain Management is the main process of initiating the process where the buyer works with the suppliers to effectively carry out smooth business operations. This includes a variety of items like the product designing, planning, operations, logistics, delivery and many other related things with tourism. The company activities are directly related to the supply chain as because the chain helps to identify and supply the perfect products to the suppliers of the company (Touboulic Walker, 2015). To promote the supply chain management the company has to make sure that they establish a robust and well structured business case investment in sustainability initiatives from both their sides as well as from the side of the suppliers. A focus on the added values through sustainability measures isn undertaken to overcome the activities of low cost competition. Sourcing Strategy: Sourcing Strategy includes; Making or buying Decisions- The services provided by Uncle Brians are either provided directly or are outsourced. The back office activities of the mentioned company are outsourced to some of the leading IT Companies that carry on their operations in Australia. The company drastically improved its revenue within a short span of 2 years by following this following structure (Christopher, 2016). The main aim of the organization is to be one of the top tourism companies of Australia and provide the best services to the customers. Capacity management- Each and every product offered by tourism companies are subject to instability of demand. The company faces problems in the lean season when there is hardly any people to avail the tourist services. The company on the other hand faces shortage of human resources as well as other necessary resources whiles the annual Queensland festival (Scott et al. 2014). The company leases local guides and additional buses to meet the shortfalls in the demand. Manufacturing Management- In tourism, manufacturing component is limited to sectors like food and craft, mementos and other gift items. The service sector is thus an important consideration for the success of the tourism company (Pagell Shevchenko, 2014). Distribution Strategy Distribution strategy is one of the main considerations in Tourism business and the following company is no exception. The distribution strategy helps to improve the organizational performance of the business. The following structure has four divisions namely; One Stage System- Such a system provides direct sales from the primary suppliers to the consumers. Uncle Brians has its own dedicated website where customers can book their seats as well as hotel services. This helps the customers to directly avail the services without the intervention of any third party (Jacobs Chase, 2013). Two Stage System- The travel agent is involved in such a stage as the travelers takes the help of travel agents to book their tour services with Uncle Brians. Three Stage System- This particular stage involves two middlemen like retail agent traveler and wholesaler who makes all the arrangements regarding the tour programs with Uncle Brians. Four Stage System- The particular system involves a retail travel agent, wholesaler and additional middlemen who helps the mentioned tourism company to develop their brand image and improve the customer experience ( Apart from this other components include accommodation, food and other benefits provided to travelers. Sustainability through the Value Chain To achieve proper value chain sustainability it is important to design and pack the products and services of the company in accordance to the environmental rules and regulations. The design aspect of the network of value chain includes the engineering and the production of the material that are to be supplied to the consumers for their consumption. As mentioned earlier the main products of the tourism companies are invisible as they offer tour services to the tourists. It is the duty of the management of Uncle Brians to present the tour programs of the company to the customers in an organized way so that it attracts the attention of a large number of customers (Jacobs Chase, 2013). The company has a competitive advantage in the marketplace given its ability to attract as large number of tourists, revenue earned and many more as such. The purchasing power of Uncle Brians to establish a proper supplier relationship is a very well established fact. However the company has earlier faced a number of problems with the suppliers because of some differences. The management of the company is thus very much focused on avoiding such mistakes in the future. The following issues are however critical to the understanding of the Supply Chain Management of the company ( The mass market industry is generally characterized by a number of standardized products of the company in which purchasing choice is driven by the features of the accommodation and the types of services that are provided by the company (Mangan Lalwani, 2016). But popular studies related to the customer interest in sustainability have revealed that the particular sector is turning out to be a concern for the company. The issues that arise in sustainability in the travel industry are attracting the eyes of financial concerns and are thus being integrated into different legislative rules and regulations. The management of Uncle Brians ensures that the company has a secured future (Mangan Lalw ani, 2016). The company is developing innovative ideas for the conduction of tours in different ways that can attract a lot more customers from its present strength and help the company to earn a healthy amount of profit in the coming days by sustaining the different market forces. References "International Journal Of Integrated Supply Management (IJISM) - Inderscience Publishers." N.p., 2017. Web. 13 Oct. 2017. "International Journal Of Operations Production Management." N.p., 2017. Web. 13 Oct. 2017. "Waterfall Tours Cairns - Uncle Brians Atherton Tours."Uncle Brians Tours. N.p., 2017. Web. 12 Oct. 2017. Ahi, P., Searcy, C. (2013). A comparative literature analysis of definitions for green and sustainable supply chain management.Journal of Cleaner Production,52, 329-341. Christopher, M. (2016).Logistics supply chain management. Pearson UK. Hill, C. W., Jones, G. R., Schilling, M. A. (2014).Strategic management: theory: an integrated approach. Cengage Learning. Jacobs, R., Chase, R. (2013).Operations and supply chain management. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Mangan, J., Lalwani, C. (2016).Global logistics and supply chain management. John Wiley Sons. Monczka, R. M., Handfield, R. B., Giunipero, L. C., Patterson, J. L. (2015).Purchasing and supply chain management. Cengage Learning. Morschett, D., Schramm-Klein, H., Zentes, J. (2015).Strategic international management. Springer. Pagell, M., Shevchenko, A. (2014). Why research in sustainable supply chain management should have no future.Journal of supply chain management,50(1), 44-55. Peppard, J., Ward, J. (2016).The strategic management of information systems: Building a digital strategy. John Wiley Sons. Processes, Journal. "Journal Of Manufacturing Processes." N.p., 2017. Web. 13 Oct. 2017. Scott, N., Getz, D., Noakes, S., Laws, E. (2014). 7 The Lamington National Park Acontrasts approach to rainforest tourism research.Rainforest tourism, conservation and management: Challenges for sustainable development. Slack, N. (2015).Operations strategy. John Wiley Sons, Ltd. Stadtler, H. (2015). Supply chain management: An overview. InSupply chain management and advanced planning(pp. 3-28). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Touboulic, A., Walker, H. (2015). Theories in sustainable supply chain management: a structured literature review.International Journal of Physical Distribution Logistics Management,45(1/2), 16-42. Wheelen, T. L., Hunger, J. D. (2017).Strategic management and business policy. pearson.